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A successful mentor is one who duplicates his knowledge and skills into his mentees. Mr. Ibrahim the founder and senior mentor at Forex Pro Trading Academy (FPTA) is an expert in Demand & Supply (Order Flow) trading. His professionalism has helped a lot of people understand the true concept of profitability in any financial markets, which over the years he has built a solid trading psychology using the only true way to approach the market, which is the big Banks/Institutions style of trading. Mr. Ibrahim has transformed many inconsistent retail traders around the world into a World—Class Professional traders through his mentorship program at FPTA. He currently mentors traders in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Botswana, Canada, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Singapore, United States, Bahamas, Maldives, China, Iran, Bangladesh, Malaysia and still counting.

Mr. Ibrahim has over 6 years experience in Order Flow trading, so effective risk management discipline is a core part of his mentorship courses. He is considered one of the best Order Flow traders in the Forex trading industry. His trading strategy is from the big Banks side of trading, because he was directly mentored by an ex. Bank trader who happens to trade for JP Morgan Bank for over 25 years and has handled institutional order flow at a trading floor on Wall Street in America.

The most impressive part about Mr. Ibrahim has to do with his experience in trading. His approach to trading is built on a lot of experience over the years and his mentorship has transformed a lot of people trading skills. The accuracy of this strategy combined with his experience has helped transform the well-being of passionate traders in the FPTA community. He believes education comes first before anything else and mentorship makes the journey easier. He believes to be successful in this industry you have to understand trading is just like any other profession, just like being an accountant or a doctor which you’ll have to dedicate your time and energy to learning for years to be a professional. If you’re going to dedicate yourself in learning the skill-set of trading which is built-in with our strategy with the help of our mentorship, you’re likely going to create the freedom you always wanted in less than 5 years.

Mr. Ibrahim is very committed to transforming the Forex trading industry through his Demand & Supply trading education, so he founded FPTA to teach retail traders the strategies of big Banks & Institutions, so that they can also become profitable and meet their trading goals.

Why I Started FPTA

I got to know about trading in 2012 and at that point I was an affiliate network marketer with nutritional companies. I had zero professional knowledge in trading. My trading results was very poor, I lost money over and over again and I got so frustrated, but giving up is not an option. I was very passionate about it, because I have read about people like Paul Tudor Jones, William Delbert Gann and George Soros, knowing how trading has transformed their financial well-being gave me a high motivation to keep going. With zero professional knowledge my circle of losses only got worse, so I try researching if this skill is taught in the universities and to my surprise I didn’t find any, I was disappointed. In my research into the market looking for the strategy that works, the first thing I came across was indicators and the whole school of taught of traditional technical analysis, which I was so caught up using indicators and that made me blew my accounts. So I decided to find the right information or knowledge in trading.

However, in one of my research I came across an article by Goldman Sachs and the article actually states that Goldman Sachs had very few losing trading days in a given year and I was wondering how that was possible, since they were human beings trading for Goldman Sachs bank. So, I decided to look very deeper into the forex market and I came across an Institutional Wall Street trader Sam Seiden which I paid $5,000 and got enrolled in his beginners course. He taught and mentored me on how to think and trade like big banks. He also mentored me on how to accurately predict any financial markets turning points in advance even before they happen with a very high degree of accuracy, using the unfilled orders of big Banks and Institutions. The knowledge is truly worth it, because he literally opened my eyes to the truth on how the market works and since then my trading skills or performance improved.

The Forex market is first of all governed by the irrefutable laws of Demand & Supply and price will always oscillates around it. Why I started FPTA, is because I want to create community of like minded traders, along with professional learning opportunity for traders, to get people independent, educated and mentored during their process at a very affordable price. I could have made it free, but people don’t value free things! Just like any other profession in this world, you need resources to get educated. So, deciding to apply or enroll in our courses or mentorship programmes, will eventually improve your trading skills tremendously. In FPTA you’ll be conditioned to always trade alongside big Banks & Institutions and not against them.

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