Our Company


FPTA is an online Forex Trading Institution that provides a premium VIP training’s for unprofitable traders to overcome the season of losses and frustrations to one of consistency and long term wealth, with the aim of empowering young and old entrepreneurs. We are passionate about helping novice retail traders all over the world to replicate the consistent trading results shown by successful Wall Street big Banks/Institutions. We’ll achieve this mission through teaching the FPTA core strategy, which is based solely on demand & supply (order flow). Which is a more powerful and successful way to approach any financial markets to trade alongside big Banks and replicate their trading success, as compared to using lagging indicators and chart patterns or traditional technical analysis.


Our mission and vision is to empower young and old entrepreneurs, by teaching them the knowledge on how to create wealth through the largest financial market in the world. To reduce poverty and to enrich many lives financially through Forex trading.

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