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It’s a trading strategy used by the top 1% of successful traders such as Wall Street Banks/Institutions. This strategy involves using unfilled buy or sell orders of big Banks/Institutions to predict any financial market trends in advance even before they happen with a very high degree of deadly accuracy. Which gives a low risk and high rewards entry opportunities in the markets.

I have a trading experience of over 6 years. FPTA trading strategy has been built around big Banks/Institutions style of trading and as well as risk management. Join and become our student to find out more! View our courses [here.]

Students who enroll at FPTA are not left alone. Registered students will have access to our trading educational resource materials on the FPTA website, with free trainings or mentorship sessions via the zoom webinar platform using their meeting ID.
No, we don’t use any indicators, robots or softwares to trade. Infact, we’ll be very happy if these indicators, robots or softwares are banned completely, but we know they won’t ban it because they need people to keep losing on the other side of their trades and that’s why trading is a ZERO-SUM game. Another traders gain is another traders loss.
No, we don’t do our analysis base on lagging technical analysis, traditional price action or chart patterns. In FPTA our analysis is solely based on filled or unfilled transactions of the institutional traders. What we preach and teach is very practical.
Our Order-Flow strategy is 100% accurate so far as you’re buying or selling where big Banks/Institutions are buying or selling in the markets.
What makes FPTA different from other academies out there is very simple. In FPTA we would only teach you how to buy low and sell high alongside big Banks/Institutions which you naturally do in a real life world. And you’ll learn how to trade big Banks unfilled buy or sell orders in harmony with institutional Demand & Supply zones. While 90% of other forex academies only focus on the retail mentality of trading in the market, which involves the over reliance on indicators and chart patterns which only increases your risk and decreases your reward margin.
It all depends on you as an individual, whether you’re a fast learner or slow pace learner. Usually, it takes only 13-Days to complete the courses for those who already know the OPEN, CLOSE and BODY of both bullish and bearish candlestick. However, for a completely newbie it would take a little more time. After which you would be able to accurately predict any market turning points in advance even before they happen with a very high degree of accuracy, be it forex, synthetic indices or cryptocurrency markets.
No, we don’t do such things. We highly discourage any forex investments. We only educate people, by teaching retail traders how to trade independently by themselves in any market.
You would have 14 days complete access to any of the registered courses in our website. However, you would have a complete lifetime access to mentorship in our premium FPTA telegram groups respectively.

You would qualify for our free lecture class only when you sign up a real account with any of our recommended partner brokers. Here.

Yes! Refer all your friends, families and enemies to FPTA and earn a quick $10, $30 and $100 referral bonus per person you invited either to Beginners Course, Advanced Course or Professional Course respectively. Send proof of your referral to; info@forexprotradingacademy.com
Yes, our Order-Flow strategy works in any financial markets in the world, so far as there are buyers and sellers in that market.
You can pay for our courses by choosing any of our courses and then navigate to choose the available payment options.
You should expect a very good result. We are very confident you would get tremendous good results, so far as you are able to duplicate what you have learnt in FPTA. The goal is to learn and earn.

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